Thursday, June 26, 2014

Deposition of Former WorldVentures Employees

Deposition of Jennifer Taylor, former employee of WorldVentures

Jennifer testifies she had first hand knowledge of the system being manipulated so certain specified members would get higher ranks, therefore get more commissions.

A letter submitted by Raymond MacDonald stating similar accusations as Jennifer, that certain people received higher ranking through the software being manipulated.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pyramids Schemes Promote Getting Others to Join

Wikipedia defines a pyramid scheme as "an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public."

 Here are some screenshots from training videos created by Jefferson Santos.

 NOTE: Jefferson does offer a disclaimer in the beginning of the video that he is nothing more than an independent representative of WorldVentures and that the viewer needs to check with their upline before implementing his suggestions.

How to earn Director in 90 days.
Jefferson Santos reads the WorldVentures Income Disclosure "But real quickly, gotta share the Income Disclosure Statement.  From October 2012 to September 2013, 22.49% of the Independent Representatives earned a paycheck while 77.51% did not earn a paycheck.  You get out of it what you put into it, right?"

Jefferson goes on to say "The first thing you want to do is get your six members as FAST as possible, very very quickly. "

Nothing in his training videos up to this point talk about selling travel...

Training costs

Boot Camp - $199 per person

Regional Training Event - $69.99 per person

Journey Training Event - $599 per person

A View from the Edge - $599 per person

Prior WorldVentures' Rep Files Complaint on New Online Dispute Resolution Firm;HS;3132992/3132992

WorldVentures Income Potential

WorldVentures - Better Business Bureau Rating

As of June 2014, WorldVentures Marketing, LLC has a C- rating with the Better Business Bureau of Dallas.  The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization founded on advancing marketplace trust.  The vision of the Better Business Bureau is "An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other."

WorldVentures Marketing, LLC is categorized with the Better Business Bureau as a Multi-Level Selling Company.  The file was opened on July 14, 2006.  The reasons for the C- rating are as follows:

  • Failure to respond to two complaints filed against the business
  • Fifteen serious complaints filed against the business
The primary focus of the complaints are regarding misrepresentation of savings on travel, denial or slow payment of refunds due, and poor customer service.  Many complainants claim that WorldVentures does not provide promised savings as they were led to believe by company representatives.  Instead of rectifying the problem though, the company instead offers refunds, refunds that are either delayed or never received.

A complaint filed as recent as June 9, 2014 outlines that in spite of being promised $69 cruises and "deep discounts", the new member was unable to gain access to those rates as promised.

Another complaint filed the same day claimed WorldVenture directors were overheard telling racial jokes to each other.

A third complaint filed June 9, 2014 claims the WorldVentures Director promised if the new member was not fully satisfied with their membership, they could receive a full refund.  Yet when they attempted to cancel, they were advised there was a 14 day cancellation policy and monthly fees they were not advised of.  The complainant also stated that the presenter claimed WorldVentures held a A+ rating and was accredited with the BBB.  Much to their surprise, they not only found a C- rating, but also that WorldVentures was not an accredited member of the BBB.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WorldVentures DreamTrips Life Product Terms and Conditions

11. You agree that due to the inherently limited inventory in the travel industry, the published price for Benefits and products and/or services offered by Affiliates through the DreamTrips Life program is not guaranteed to all Members regardless of attendance volume. You further agree that WorldVentures will make every available opportunity to offer itself or via its Affiliates the best possible price but that prices may increase above the initially published price due to limited inventory availability.

13. WorldVentures is an intermediary between the Affiliates and the Members. It is your responsibility to check whether an Affiliate is offering a more favorable rate for any products or services than available through DreamTrips Life and WorldVentures accepts no liability for you having used your Membership instead of having taken advantage of a more favorable short term incentive, discount, promotion or otherwise. The details of the Affiliates and products and services offered by the Affiliates published on the DreamTrips Life Web Site are based upon information supplied by the Affiliates and may be subject to change without notice. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of such detail at the time of publication, you must contact the Affiliate direct prior to booking travel or other arrangements to check that all published information is correct. Although as a Member you can receive special “Members Only” prices on goods and services you understand that WorldVentures does not claim that any specific discount or savings will be available to an individual Member at any specific time and that WorldVentures is not a discount buying service. You understand that the same or similar products and services may be available to you at equivalent or lower prices than available to you through your Membership.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

WorldVentures' Lawsuits

Randy Lee Ostrom v WorldVentures Marketing, LLC d/b/a WorldVentures, LLC

  • US District Court for Middle District of Louisiana
  • Original Complaint filed 04/2012
    • Count One - Violation of Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices & Consumer Protection Law
    • Count Two - Fraud and Intentional Misrepresentation
    • Count Three - Negligent Misrepresentation
    • Count Four - Tortious Interference
    • Count Five - Breach of Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
    • Count Six - Breach of Obligation
    • Count Seven - Unjust Enrichment
    • Count Eight - Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    • Count Nine - Request for Declaratory Relief
  • Appealate Case filed by WorldVentures to Compel Aribitration - extension granted to January 2, 2013

WorldVentures vs Robert Oblon and Travopoly Travel

  • Dallas County - H-160th Judicial District - Cause No. DC1109451
  • Original Complaint filed 08/2011
    • Count One - Breach of Contract (Independent Contractor Agreement)
    • Count Two - Breach of Contract (Release and Payment Agreement)
    • Count Three - Tortious Interference with WorldVentures' Contracts
    • Count Four - Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    • Count Five - Fraud
    • Count Six - Commercial Disparagement
    • Count Seven - Misappropriation

Gouldd vs Accetta et al

  • US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division - Case No 3-08CV0497-0
  • Original Complaint filed 03/21/2008
    • Copyright Infringement
    • Breach of Contract by Accetta
    • interference with Business Relations by Defendants Mas, Kelly Accetta, Leading Edge, WorldVentures, Liquidity, Nuggent, Azcue, Oblon, Stammen
    • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
    • Willfullness of Defendants' Acts

Public Access to Court Records

Dallas County Court Records

Sunday, December 9, 2012

WorldVentures Complaints

Account Debited Without Consent

"After leaving my account was debited with R3085.36 without my consent." 
09/2012 - Hello Peter

False Promises

"WorldVentures took my money falsely promoting wealth claims."
05/2012 - Rip Off Report

Rushed Into Signing Up

"I want to cancel my membership. I was rushed into it and regret sending the money I did." 
05/2012 - ScamBook

False Representations

"These false representations to people like myself who not only paid to be in the opportunity but spent thousands going to their events in hopes of learning the secrets of how these top income earners make the money is a horrible injustice to the vast majority who also believe their lies." 
05/2012 - Complaints Board

Bad News Story

"World Ventures Travel Club (MLM) Makes News – The Bad Kind!"  
03/2012 - Should Buy a Travel Club

False Promises

"WorldVentures Wayne Nugent Falsely promotes people to ranks not actually achieved as a way to lure you into the their pyramid"
03/2012 - Rip Off Report

Good Talker

"This guy is a good talker and his stutter makes him sound authentic but don't be fooled."  
12/2010 - Rip Off Report

Tell Prospects to Pawn Possessions

"I once asked my upline "how do you deal with people that want to buy into this but really don't have the money" I was told to tell them, surly you have something here that you can pawn!" 
12/2010 - Complaints Board


"I was not told I would have to sign up 3 people at $350 each before I would start making money." 
07/2009Scam Book

Total Scam

"TOTAL SCAM! A representative talked me into signing up for a FLAT FEE of $199.00!! He signed me up online using my debit card. He never mentioned any other fee or obligations I would have. I said, “let’s do it!” HE signed me up – and took my info. Come to find out…months later (WorldVentures was taking $24.99 out of my bank account EVERY SINGLE MONTH)!!!! I called them immediately and asked them to cancel me! They couldn’t seem to find any information regarding my authorization to use my debit card – but they seemed to have all of my debit information on file! FRAUD! I contacted my bank, and they are doing a thorough investigation. I have also contacted the BBB. You cannot use someone’s credit card or debit card without authorization! WorldVentures does that without telling you!! It’s a total SCAM!
I have attempted to contact WorldVentures and (what do you know) they don’t want to deal with me. They refuse to give me my money back!! Shock!"
03/2010 -  Four Reasons World Ventures is not a Scam

Next to Impossible to Book a Vacation

"We bought this product only to find that it is next to impossible to book a vacation let alone for a discount. This company never returned any of our requests for information within the three day refund period. We have been hung up on, left on hold forever, emails have bounced back undeliverable and flat out this is a very BAD company playing a shell game. Moving from town to town and name to name with the background parent company always out of the picture, offering great deals on travel only to find they put you on hold, log on to the same site you go to yourself on the Internet and give you the same deal you could have gotten without them. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY....YOU WILL LOSE IT."
07/2011 - 419

Sunday, November 4, 2012

WorldVentures Better Business Bureau Rating has been Updated

Previously rated with a C+, now a B-.

Complaint history with the Better Business Bureau shows 47 complaints in the last 3 years.
Complaints include:
  • Advertising/Sales Issues
  • Billing/Collection Issues
  • Guarantee/Warranty Issues
  • Problems with Product/Service
  • Delivery Issues
WorldVentures BBB Business Review

Friday, September 21, 2012

Former WorldVentures Representative claims High Level WV Officers have manipulated the books

In a lawsuit between WorldVentures and former Executive Vice President, Robert Oblon, the following letter apparently written by Raymond MacDonald, a WorldVentures Representative, was filed into evidence.

Following are some of the statements included in the letter:

  • "This investigation will show that Wayne Nugent, Mike Azcue, Eddie Head, Dan Stammen, Jon McKillip, and Robert Baker have authorized the manipulation of the WV iMATRIX software for their own benefit or the benefit of selected others."
  • "I believe your investigation will further reveal that the following WV Representatives have also received placement or linage manipulation and been awarded ranks that they have not earned as required by the WV Compensation Plan:
    • Johnnie Wimbrey
    • Jeff Johnston
    • Troy Brown
    • Jeff Bolf
    • Dave Watson
    • Kari & Lisha Schneider
    • Raymond & Janie Braun
    • Don and Lina Morton
    • Tim & Hali Gillin
    • Bethany Webster
    • Joe Thackery
You can click on any of the images below to enlarge it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Robert Oblon's salary

Robert Oblon, former Executive Vice President and President of Technology, salary equated to $20,000 a month - per WorldVentures in WorldVentures vs Robert Oblon.

Friday, September 14, 2012

WorldVentures' Financial Status

Wayne Nugent filed an Affidavit stating:

"Although WorldVentures has grown significantly since its formation in 2005, it has yet to generate a net profit for distribution to its owners. In fact, both Mike Aczue and I have personally contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to WorldVentures to cover its losses over the years. Although WorldVentures is generating substantial revenue, its current liabilities exceed its assets."

In WorldVentures' Motion:

"..., since the date of its formation, WorldVentures has not generated any profits for distribution. In fact, both Nugent and Azcue have infused hundreds of thousands of dollars of their personal funds into WorldVentures to cover its losses throughout the years, ..."

This document was part of public record in the lawsuit titled "WorldVentures Marketing, LLC d/b/a WorldVentures and WorldVentures Holdings, LLC d/b/a WorldVentures vs Robert Oblon, Travopoly Travel, LLC, F. Alan Waters and Michael Conway" Cause Number DC-11-09451 in Disctrict Court Dallas County

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Names that appear in various lawsuits

Individuals whose names appear in one form or another in various lawsuits involving WorldVentures:

  • Robert Oblon - per WorldVentures, joined WV on July 31, 2007. He ultimately served as Executive Vice President and President of Technology and was 5% owner until his employment was terminated July 2009.
  • Al Waters - per World Ventures was the former Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President - joined WV on May 24, 2007. Walters employment was terminated Sept 1, 2010 at which time he signed a Separation and Release Agreement.
  • Michael Conway - per WorldVentures served as the Chief Executive Officer. In May 2009, Conway's employment at WorldVentures ended with him signing a Release and Payment Agreement with WorldVentures.
  • Ron Archer of Archer Travel
Randy Lee Ostrom v WorldVentures Marketing, LLC d/b/a WorldVentures, LLC
  • Randy Lee Ostrom, resident of Baton Rouge, LA.  Filed suit against WorldVentures on April 12, 2012.  Per Mr. Ostrom's complaint, he was recognized by WorldVentures in April 2011 as #1 Rookie of the Year Globally.
  • Kyle Lowe, Director of International Development of WorldVentures
  • Peter Powderham, as per Mr. Ostrom's complaint, Kyle Lowe solicited Powderham to serve as Representative and Consultant of and for WorldVentures.  Also per Mr. Ostrom's complaint, Powderham became the top income earner internationally for WorldVentures.
  • Chris Dorgeat, per the complaint, enrolled as WorldVentures' rep in a position on the Right side of Mr. Ostrom's team.
  • Eric Allen, per the complaint, was sponsored and enrolled on the Left side of Ostrom's lineage.
  • Linda Brewer, per the complaint, Ostrom enrolled and sponsored her on his Left side in March 2010 as Representative #10762401.
  • Matthieu Dorgeat, per the complaint, is Chris Dorgeat's brother.

Monday, September 3, 2012

WorldVentures vs Robert Oblon and Travopoly Travel

On August 1, 2011 - WorldVentures filed suit against Robert Oblon, former executive Vice President and President of WorldVentures.   The suit also named a company named Travopoly Travel, LLC, of which Robert Oblon formed and was part owner of.

The Original Complaint filed by WorldVentures cited that Robert Oblon, among other things, had violated a Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation agreement he had with WorldVentures. 

August 1, 2011 Plaintiff's Original Complaint

During the course of the lawsuit, two emails that appeared to be between Bill Cohan and Michael Conway (former Chief Executive Officer) were filed with the courts.  Within the emails, Mr. Cohan stated Mr. Conway admitted the following:

  • Mr. Conway agreed he was involved with WorldVentures from late 2008 to May of 2009.
  • Mr. Cohan advised Mr. Conway, that Al Waters (former Chief Financial Officer) admitted surreptitiously to intercepting Mike Aczue's and Wayne Nugent's emails from Oct of 2008 to Aug of 2010.
  • Mr. Cohan advised Mr. Conway that Al Waters had been allowed to resign from WorldVentures after four independent complaints of sexual harrassment by WorldVentures' female employees.
  • Mr. Cohan advised Mr. Conway that Al Waters claimed the email interception was approved by Mr. Conway because of an IRS summons served on WorldVentures for financial records.
Mr. Conway responded to Mr. Cohan's email stating:
  • Mr. Conway stated he was aware of IRS investigators requesting a great deal of information regarding WorldVentures.
The complete email can be found in the October 26, 2011 Response and Objection to Motion in Support of Nonresident Attorney William Cohans Motion for Pro Hac Vice Admission and Motion for Sanctions

WorldVentures claimed Robert Oblon signed a Release and Payment agreement and in doing so, received $440,000 from WorldVentures.

WorldVentures claimed Michael Conway signed a Release and Payment agreement and in doing so, received $350,000 from WorldVentures.

These amounts can be verified in WorldVentures "Plaintiff's First Amended Petition, Application for Injunctive Relief and Request for Disclosure".

Friday, December 16, 2011

Are WorldVentures training seminars one of a kind?

Bill Gouldd, former president of Equinox, used to work quite closely with Marc Accetta, well, at least until the FTC came down on Equinox for their unlawful operations. Gouldd lost all his millions in the suit. Accetta was pulled into the initial suit, but appears to have resigned a year before it all came crashing down.

Who is Marc Accetta? The Director of Training at WorldVentures.

Fast forward years later, Gouldd sues Marc Accetta and several other World Ventures execs including World Ventures for copyright infringement. He claimed World Ventures was using his material he developed and built Equinox on. Now, Bill Gouldd issues a public apology for all the victims of Equinox, but what exactly is he apologizing for? All the people under him that participated in deceptive practices, cause even though he was pres, even though he made millions off those victims, he had no clue his subordinates were doing such terrible acts under his nose

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some claim DreamTrips are a rip off

Spent 15 minutes ...found better pricing than World Ventures:

here are some examples as proof. The Las Vegas Dream trip to the Loews Resort, 17 miles off the strip and in the middle of summer in the terrible heat. It says golf package, but I can not find out where it says how many rounds or what course so I am assuming no golf is included. Even if it is included, the pricing I got would still be cheaper. They include no transfers, no airfare, no meals. They are listing 3 nights, 4 days for $350, per person, double occupancy, so it is $700.

I looked on 1 website, . The rate for the exact dates is $655 includes all tax. I called the hotel direct. They are offering some groups $139.00/ night not based per person and they are including golf. That is $417 for two people. That is even cheaper than . So I spent 15 minutes doing some research and I found better pricing than World Ventures. Even if World Ventures did included golf, calling the hotel is cheaper. During the summer, you can play golf at the most exclusive courses for $25/ round. No one wants to play in the heat. I know what the prices are during the summer because my husband is in the industry.
Posted on Topix

DreamTrip Price = $297.88 - Apple Vacations Price = $218.00:

"Something is very strange in the WorldVentures DreamTrips land. They no longer will show the prices of some of their DreamTrips on the website unless you pay to become a member. That was never the case before. Some are listed and just as proven before, they're not a bargain.

Keep in mind that it costs $199.95 to join and $24.99 per month, so the member would pay a whopping $474.84 per year just for the "privilege" of usually paying more for the identical trip booked through any travel agent. Here is just one their offerings: NUEVO VALLARTA, MEXICO 6 DAY & 5 NIGHT STAY AT THE VILLA DEL PALMAR FLAMINGOS BEACH RESORT & SPA $297.88 PER PERSON BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY Studio apartment Best Online Price: $1229.52

DreamTrips Price: $297.88 Average Savings per Couple: $1863.27

 Available from any brick and mortar travel agency: Same dates, same room category, same everything: $218.00 per person* As you can see, this would be a rip-off, as is par for the course with any travel MLM. *price quoted 8-31-10 from Apple Vacations"
Posted on

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Latest Better Business Bureau Info on World Ventures

As of April 2012:

As of November 2011:

Complaints are regarding misrepresentation of the promised savings on travel, slow or non delivery of promised refunds and dissatisfaction with customer service. Specifically, customers complain that paying the company fee and following the company business model does not provide promised savings as stated by company representatives. The company resolves complaints by offering refunds or refering to the agreement for explanation. However, customers complain that the refund was delayed or not received. Additionally, customers indicate that they have difficulty contacting the company.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Not-So-Glowing review from a WorldVentures' member..

We bought this product only to find that it is next to impossible to book a vacation let alone for a discount. This company never returned any of our requests for information within the three day refund period. We have been hung up on, left on hold forever, emails have bounced back undeliverable and flat out this is a very BAD company playing a shell game. Moving from town to town and name to name with the background parent company always out of the picture, offering great deals on travel only to find they put you on hold, log on to the same site you go to yourself on the Internet and give you the same deal you could have gotten without them. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY....YOU WILL LOSE IT.